A fluent Arabic and French speaker, at 24 James traveled to Syria to report on the early days of the conflict. He was embedded with activist networks in Homs and the Damascus suburbs where he wrote for several UK newspapers and arranged access to the country for major broadcasters. He was hired by the BBC in 2012 for his specialism in Syria and the Middle East, and spent time as the coorporation's Beirut Correspondent. In 2017 he was hired by American network ABC News to be a foreign correspondent based in London. 

James' work takes him around the world. He has reported on terrorist incidents across Europe; on the ongoing war in Syria; and from migrant camps throughout the region. 

James was nominated for the Royal Television Society 2016 Young Talent of the Year award.

James is a graduate in Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies and has a Masters of Science in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics.



A fun interruption from a member of the public in Barcelona

news and Long form BROADCAST


James takes a great interest in mental health. Here he tells his family story.

James tries to learn Xhosa in Cape Town, and hears why its important for people there.

James reports from Poland, Hungary and Austria on the rise of the 'New Right.'

James in Myanmar, following the Pope on his trip during the Rohingya crisis.

James meets the Real Life Iron Man, for Nightline

A woman breaks into Prince George's new school. James' first live on set for Good Morning America
The full ABC Nightline special on the Grenfell Tower disaster.
James at the G20 protests in Hamburg for ABC News

In a rare interview, James travelled to Dresden to meet a young German man who had joined ISIS.

James reports from Nice in the wake of the truck terrorist attack.

James in Ramallah on the West Bank as protests erupt following President's speech
James reports from the Bahams on Hurricane Irma
James reports from Barcelona on the night a van ran into pedestrians

James in the Paris suburbs, where 22 year old Theo's sexual assault by police prompted massive protests.

James meets teenagers taking the strongest MDMA available in the UK.

James reports from Beirut, on Syrian boy Omar, who at just 15, tried to kill himself because he was so desperate

James reports on the lives of sex workers in Leeds.

James spent 24 hours with Sue, who cares for her mother full time. Her mother has dementia, and Sue is struggling to cope.

James meets the people left behind by men who kill their own families.

Inside the first school run by a Premier League football club, Everton Free School

James visits Syrian refugees in Lebanon with popstar Mika.

James speaks at NewsXchange Copenhagen about mental health in the media

James interviews voters ahead of the Brexit referendum.

James explores a major property scam

James asks Rotherham locals how the child abuse scandal has changed their town.

James reports on how the Labour vote is changing in its former heartlands

James reports on rape prevention classes for migrants in Norway.


Much of James’ work has a particular digital focus.

He uses Facebook's live feature on most of his deployments, taking questions from viewers in real time.

James shows viewers around the Papal plane

James goes live on Facebook from the Bahamas covering Hurricane Irma

James explains the hung parliament UK election result

James talks to popstar Mika from a refugee centre in Lebanon

James takes Facebook questions from the BBC's Beirut bureau, on the fighting in Aleppo, Syria.

James speaks to actor Douglas Booth about his work with refugees


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